For 20 plus years Down Home has been carrying the gospel message alll over Michigan, as well as surrounding states. Ranging as far west as Iowa and east into New York, traveling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Churches, city parks, High School gyms, county fairs, music festivals, campgrounds, county jails and state prisions have been the setting for this group to sound forth their unique musical style.

For the past three years, the door has been opened to spread this message and music through television, giving millions of viewers around the country the opportunity to enjoy this unique ministry. The TCT Network now broadcasts Down Home on a weekly program to their entire network. More recently, this has been expanded into cable and sate3llite systems reaching into more areas of the U.S., and now is also beamed into 163 countries around the world, making the Down Home sound an international outreach for the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.


Members of Down Home are

Al Deboer - Lead Guitar, Mandolin, & Tenor Vocal

Doug Marlink - Dobro, Harmonica, & Baritone Vocal

Lance Reidsma - Banjo, Banguitar, & Bass Vocal

Dale Scholten - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocal

Jack Ten Cate - Bass & Tenor Vocal

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